McDonald’s I’m lovin’ it.

McDonald’s is a worldwide constant. Honestly, if they knew the moon men would pay a form of currency McD’s would build one on the moon.

The McDonald’s menu from different countries are always unexpected to say the least, let’s start with breakfast.  
The big breakfast- looks awesome and tastes great. it gives you a pancake stack, a sausage patty, toasted muffin buns a hash brown and scrambled eggs. We saw it on the menu after a night where we had a few drinks, we ordered our food sat down and assessed how to tackle breakfast.

Butter on the pancake stack
Jam upon my muffin
Syrup follows butters track
My face I will be stuffing

Now I don’t know why other countries don’t have this breakfast, but it was great. We also had a McDonald’s breakfast in the airport on the journey back home and that is when I had the opportunity to taste a mcgriddle, the mcmuffin was good but the mcgriddle – that was on a whole other level. Get rid of the muffin and replace it with a pancake dough bun, it was awesome I envy whatever country serves them at breakfast.


Moving away from breakfast let’s talk about burgers, odd burgers, lets introduce the prawn burger. Now only one of us ate it and it wasn’t me, from what Lloyd said it was nice, I would write more about the taste but I can’t. I can tell you it’s not the norm for Britain, the closest thing we have to McDonald’s seafood is a fillet-o fish that no-one orders.

Now there are other types of burgers that were there but we wanted to diversify, I repeat wanted to, but that didn’t work out so well, for our 2 week holiday we visited McDonald’s about 5 times because sometimes when you’re in a foreign country  you need to have a meal you rely on, we did want to try the food of Japan, which we did, unfortunately actions cause reactions and fragile stomachs need familiar foods.

Moving away from the overuse of McDonald’s and back to the food , there was a side that was being sold, it was a side of mochimochi cheeseballs, we believe it was breaded cheese but it didn’t taste like any type of cheese we are familiar with but it still was pretty good.
Speaking of sides have you ever thought about having chicken nuggets instead of fries? You can most definitely do that, the first time we realised we could do that it opened a door for us, a door that was hard to close.

Now the McDonald’s in japan are very tourist friendly with a picture menu that was really easy to understand, it was in three columns:  burgers, side, drinks. Now you have your standard drinks coke and diet coke but you also have melon fanta which is great.
Now, after you have finished your meal, usually you just put all the rubbish in the bin but in japan you have to separate your own rubbish into three bins one for recycling, one for food and one for the ice, they are very clean in Japan so litter and rubbish are very few and far between.

And to end this cheery article on a sombre note. Not all of japan is a peaceful friendly place allow me delve into the dark side of Tokyo, I’m talking about theft, the theft of my umbrella! I placed my umbrella in the umbrella stand to let it dry out so I won’t have a wet umbrella next to me whilst I ate, so after finishing my meal I  threw away my rubbish and then I went to get my umbrella and it was gone, some evil bugger stole my umbrella, it was a good thing it was bright and sunny for the rest of the holiday.

Now if you’re in tokyo and skeptical on the food we recommend McDonald’s as start but don’t be afraid to try the local cuisine.

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