A Christmas Surprise!

Surprises come in many different forms and for my mother that form was getting to spend Christmas with me.

At the beginning of November 2016 I decided it would be fun to give my mother a shock and spend Xmas with her out in Cyprus, so throughout the month of November I was secretly organising with my step father and my sister a way to get out there and not have her know.

So I paid for the flight and told my stepfather when to pick me up from paphos airport, well the date arrived and my dad dropped me off at Gatwick airport at ridiculous o’clock in the morning (for which I thank him for), I go to the check in desk and it’s all computerised no actual desks, it was just scan and go. With my bag checked in I then came across the age old problem.
“Oh f*ck! I have no bloody foreign money”. Luckily I found a solution, a moneycorp cash machine. Now with my euros in my pocket I went through into the departure lounge, now what to do for the next few hours?

Well it’s the morning soo… a glass of scotch obviously. Ok that’s not entirely true, I went and had wagamamas sausage katsu stack as well as apple and goji pancakes with a banana smoothie. With breakfast devoured I had to do something for an hour, but what? A glass of Scotch whisky obviously, Glenmorangie of course – because I’m a classy motherf*cker me, well as classy as you can be for y’know drinking at 6am.

So after waiting a short while for my gate number to be assigned, now if you go to big airports like gatwick you may get gate 130, a gate number so high you start to wonder if it’s still in the bloody airport. Thankfully that didn’t happen to me I had a low number and yet I still had to trek for long time.

So I eventually get to the gate and wait around for the boarding to start, and as you normally see in airports people queuing for no reason no one can board yet so why bother? After that brief wait I got on the plane departing to Cyprus.

Now a lot of people say “I wouldn’t travel alone, it’s so lonely” and my answer to that is just spark up a conversation with the person next to you, if you’re apprehensive about talking to strangers try complaining about the shitty airline e.g late take off or the plane wasn’t fully restocked. A lot of lone travelers actually like a bit of a conversation.

After landing and waiting for everyone to get off the plane because why rush? I disembark the plane and go through customs and security with ease, they’re a bit more relaxed than other airports.

So I was officially in Cyprus and after spotting my step father we got in his pickup truck and drove off to their home, on the journey he was telling me about how hard it was for him to keep this a secret from her and it wasn’t just him keeping this from her it was also some of her best friends, because they had planned to have Christmas dinners round each other’s houses they agreed to set another plate for me which was nice of them.

So we get to the house and we take my stuff upstairs and I find out that my bed isn’t even made as that would be too suspicious which is understandable, so we go sit down stairs and wait for my mother, whilst waiting I got to say hello to their dogs one of which I brought back from a shelter when he was a puppy (to those who think a dog won’t remember you if it was a puppy they’re definitely wrong).

So a short while later her car pulls up and I hide behind corner for when she comes in and boy was she having a bit of a bad day, but that was about to change. After reluctantly putting down her shopping and closing her eyes she reopened them and her sour expression was replaced with a massive smile. She pretty much ran at me and hugging me so tight that it seemed like she didn’t want to let me go,

After finally letting go of me she apologised to my stepfather for being so annoyed with him for trying to hid things from her.

After settling in a little we went out for a meal with some of their friends who are very nice people, we went to a great little Italian restaurant called Remini’s where I had swordfish which was damn right tasty. We came back from the restaurant with our bellies full and our bodies lethargic so it was off to bed.

Keep an eye out for part 2 coming soon!

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