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Japan is a technological wonder of the world and a paradise for all of geek culture, from anime to video games Japan is an innovator of said scene.


And like I said one of their wonders is video games and in this article we will give you a small glimpse into the games via the wonderful world of arcades, now there are two different types of arcades in Japan, one has multiple different types of games that have all sorts of activities, styles and game types and the other type of arcade is known as pachinko


In many of the first types of arcades they had up-to seven floors of gaming, normally it starts with the basement, now we ventured down into the basement where they had photo-booths and in these booths not only do you take pictures but you can dress up with some accessories that they provide, now after you have taken your picture you can edit it to give it some extra flair and after you’re done with editing you can email the picture to yourself or others.


Now whilst we were in the basement of an arcade we found a rhythm game based off the use of a traditional japanese drum called a taiko, in this game you have hit the right part of the drum in time with the music to score points, so when we started playing the game thinking we are doing very well and being pleased with ourselves little did we know that we were playing a low level, cue some locals to play the game, yep that put us to shame them playing the highest level on the hardest difficulty with ease and not being phased by anything (barring a sneeze).


With our self-esteem and confidence knocked we decided go upstairs to the rest of arcade now on the first floor a lot of arcades have claw machines where you can “win prizes” there was many machines with many different prizes from anime theme models to plushies and pillows, if you are really want some of these things it’s definitely worth a try.


Seeing as though we didn’t want or need any of those items we climbed further towards the heavens or at least the top floor where the stairs ended, whilst in many arcades there are many different types of games there was also a lot of the same game at this point in time it was Tekken 7, now myself being a fan of the series I thought I might be alright at this but boy was I wrong. So after three losses I was done, I gave up and moved on (we were also out of money as well) after I stood up I noticed that many machines had a rating system A-F five guesses which rating I was in, yep F for failure.


Now at the time pokken tournament (a mix of Tekken and Pokémon) was in the arcades and it was probably the most popular game in every arcade we went into, so when we found an arcade where it was unoccupied we gave it a try and it was very fun as long as you can figure out the buttons, so after being at the top of that arcade and seeing everything we could we left.


A few days later we went to Odaiba and played in an arcade there, you can see a video on Odaiba here. Now the arcade in Odaiba was more like what we’re used to yet it still had different things we weren’t ready for, inside the arcade had sporting simulators a golf driving range, a basketball hoop and batting cages. Now of the three things I listed we only did one of them, the batting cages, now if you aren’t ready for it or not in the right spot after being told the wrong thing (by Lloyd) it will hurt, like really hurt, so after my painful attempt Lloyd and Joe had a go and proved that none of us have rhythm or coordination, so we played another game ironically it was a dance game because why not prove that you have no rhythm.




After that we found a sumo game, a very simple game push the sumo to win but wait he pushes back, dun dun dun… it was very quick yet still Lloyd had to cheat by not playing properly using his broad shoulders (the ones that nearly get him stuck in narrow corridors and subsequently laughed at by japanese girls) instead of using his hands!!!




At some point in the Odaiba arcade I found what might be my most favourite thing ever a tediously slow two gear ride on panda (it might have been slow because they are meant for children) still it was so fun, if it went faster I would have tried to steal it, so after playing the games in Odaiba we went home.
Now on multiple occasions in Tokyo we passed a pachinko parlour with the doors closed, it seems peaceful except when they open a deafening roar emerges from the building. now none of us knew how to play even after we went and looked it up online we still had no idea on how to play the game, all we knew was it had something to do with ball bearings and gambling. If we had more first hand experience on the subject you would have more to read and I wouldn’t have to finish the article roughly here.

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