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Below are all the tedious bits of the website we are required to give you in regards to your privacy and all the details about our copyright to ensure nobodies details are used without being aware or in a way they did not intend. We have researched sites such as FreeNetLaw and tried to keep things as amusing and simple as possible with our Quick Notes section below, however we also include an in depth version of each section below with all the full terms and conditions. These will inevitably change from time to time, so be sure to check back to this from time to time to see any updates or subscribe to our mailing list to be informed when we make updates.

All of the details below apply to our website and not to any sites we may link to, so please do read their policy before sharing your data as we are not always able to check their privacy and security rules.

Quick Notes

  • We do not intentially collect personal data unless it is given to us
  • Any data collected may be stored in different locations around the world (backups etc), so please check the data protection rules in your area befor esubmitting data to us
  • If we are infringing Copyright/Licensing, please let us know and we will amend the required content. We we will not accept liability if we have not had the chance to rectify the content once we are informed.
  • Things may change, so check back regularly for updates T&Cs.


So lets start this with an easy section. This page is simply to explain that as much as we always intend for all of our details to be correct, it is impossible for us to ensure that all data is always 100% correct and up to date – we travel alot and things inevitably change. So IdiotsOnTour are unable to take any responsibility/liability for any problems (financially or logistically) that may arise for you from following advice we offer on our blog.

We currently do not knowingly share data with any outside parties and do not yet knowingly collect personally identifiable data from our readers, so this should mean there should be no issues with data breaches on our website.

Lastly – any comments expressed in the comments sections are not endorsed by IdiotsOnTour or any of its staff. Please do verify any of the details you read from other users with your own research, or send us a message from our Contact Us page and we will try point you in the right direction to some resources to help you.

Privacy Policy

  • Cookies may use cookies on its website to enhance your experience or provide services like logging in. You are able to block cookies by following instructions here. We will never knowingly collect personal information on this website unless you provide it by doing things such as creating an account or leaving comments.

  • Storage and Collection of Data

    Data stored on this website may not be exclusively stored in one location and may not comply with the data protection requirments of all countries. If you would like to query this please use the Contact Us page and we will do our best to help you out. Using this website acts as agreement that you are okay with this.

    We will only collect data if it is neccesary for the running or improvement of this site and will not be shared with any annoying sales companies by us, but possibly with people like Google AdSense if it is used in the future or Google Analytics or a similar service. If we are to use these services we will add a link to their privacy policy to this page.

  • Spam/Mailings

    We will only send mail to you if you have provided us your email for this use. You are able to opt out of further email by using the contact us page (where ironically we will ask for your email address to remove it) or by forwarding any emails to and explaining why you categorise this as spam so we can fix this for any other users too.